how to Flash Any Xiomi ( MI ) Phone

How To Flash Any Xiaomi ( MI ) phone- Today we are going to tell you “How To Flash Any Xiaomi ( MI ) phone“.If you use Xiaomi Devices, if you have a problem with your Mi / Redmi phone, or If your phone starts hanging, then in this case you can flash the Xiaomi Redmi phone and fix your mobile. Nowadays, even after having your phone, it hangs on people, even after taking a lot of time, the phone is not open, you know, Even after taking a lot of time, the phone is not open, so to avoid this problem, you will read flashing stock ROM in your Xiaomi Redmi.

Flash All Xiomi Phone, all the problems of your mobile will be Solved. To install Stock Rom in Any Xiaomi Redmi, it is very important for you to have flash files and flash tools of the Xiaomi phone. We are going to tell you to step by step ahead of how to Flash Any Xiomi Phone.

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Xiaomi Phone Flashing Important Part

  1.  Computer/Laptop
  2. Miui Flashing Tools
  3. Xiomi ( Redmi ) Flashing Tool
  4. USB driver

How To Install Stock Rom Xiomi ( Mi ) Device

To Install Stock Rom In Xiaomi Redmi phone, first of all you go to miui official website and download the Miui Flushing Tools and your stock ROM.

  1. After downloading the Mui Flushing Tools, install it and open it, and also keep your stock ROM extracted.
  1. Click on the select folder and go to your stock ROM drive.
  2. Now Select Stock Rom ,Then Click Image Folder.
  3. Now Click Ok Button.

After selecting the stock ROM, now Press And Hold Few Time power key and volume down key,After holding some time, your mobile will go into fastboot mode.

Step 2. After going to the mobile in fastboot mode, simply connect your mobile with the data cable and connect it to the computer.

  • First Click And Select Clean All Option.
  • After Click Refresh Option.
  • if your phone is connected to the computer, then it will come here and show the activity of mobile connected.
  • Now simply click on the flash button above, now your phone will flash in a short time.

So friends, you can flash any Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) phone in fastboot mode.

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